Ирина Безрукова пройдет обследование на выявление смертельной болезни
The actress turned to the experts for help.

Irina Bezrukova

Photo: @irina_bezrukova_official

Irina Bezrukova is very attentive to their health. Recently, the actress learned about the spread of Russia’s type of cancer which is totally asymptomatic. After the consultation with the specialist, she decided to undergo examination, to ensure that her life is not in danger.

“Until the end of the year just a few days! Just to do something really important. And what could be more important than health? So I, as a staunch supporter of prevention, signed up for a colonoscopy. It is always easier for any disease to prevent than to treat. My family know that I one or two times a year try to pass the examination of the body.

What is a colonoscopy? Procedure that allows you to know that you do not have the prerequisites for bowel cancer. Colorectal cancer has become the 2nd most spoken language in our country. This insidious disease develops quietly and without symptoms, so it is important from time to time , to undergo a colonoscopy. Especially important procedure to us women, because the female body is more delicate than the male. Now I’m preparing for the procedure and follow a special cleansing diet. In General I was assured that everything will be comfortable and painless. But there is an option to do everything and under anesthesia. Then write how it went!” — said Irina. Fans have been waiting for from Bezrukovoj good news.