Irina Alferova first told that she has four children

Ирина Алферова впервые рассказала о том, что у нее четверо детей
The actress is happy that she has such a big family.

Irina Alferova husband Syarhei Martynau

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Everyone knows that Irina Alferova has a daughter, the actress Ksenia Alferova. But in an exclusive interview to magazine “7 days” Irina told me that actually she… four!

“The first wife of Jacob (the husband of actress, actor Sergei Martynov. — Approx. ed.) he died in London. And the children naturally remained with us. Otherwise it could not be, — says Irina. But if I was told that I would have four children, I would never have believed it. I for the life of a loner, I like to stay in his world. Kids I didn’t especially much. And the result was a large and wonderful family! God gives us only what we can do”.

Sergei Martynov Alferov got acquainted in 1978 at the audition for the film “the Brothers Rico”. “Sergei was so beautiful that I his beauty hurt my eyes! — says the actress. — As I understand it, everyone who encountered him, immediately fell in love… But in “the Brothers Rico” I was not approved. I left, and Sergei was…”

Fate brought Alferov and Martynov again many years later for the filming of “Sheriff’s Star”.

“And I, and he had difficult periods in life. I broke up with Sasha (second husband, actor Alexander Abdulov. — Approx. ed), was crushed… Serge was to always leave the country — his wife settled in London, but he loved Russia and didn’t leave. So when he got the call about the shooting, he immediately agreed. I, however, wanted to give up. It was necessary to work in Chernivtsi, Kiev and Yalta. There was restructuring, and the road was long, uncomfortable and even dangerous. But when I heard that my partner will be Martynov, said, “I agree! When you want to fly?” I wanted to see Sergei! After those shots we didn’t break up. I thank God that he brought us with him. With him, I became a truly happy woman.”

The full interview with Irina Alferova read in the latest issue of “7 days”.