Ирине Агибаловой приписывают судимость Detractors swarming the former participant “Houses-2”. Irina Agibalova believes that the charges alleged in the presence of her prison experience provoked by people who can’t cope with the feeling of envy to her success and popularity. Fans of celebuski advise her not to pay attention to detractors.

      Irina Agibalova, which became very popular after participating in reality show “Dom-2”, often have to take a punch. Haters do not get tired to annoy famous celebuski, without any hesitation unflattering commenting about Agibalova in her microblog. Irina every time is disappointed about the criticism and don’t always understand how people have so much negativity. Irina Agibalova in despair from criticism

      The last statement made by the mother of one of participants “House-2” Marina Afrikantov Tatiana, which itself appeared on telestroke, called Irina Agibalova a severe attack of migraine. A woman accused of the criminal background check.

      Tatiana Afrikantov recorded a video message in the “Periscope”, which reports that Agibalova supposedly a few years ago he served his sentence.

      “Don’t tell me that I am worse Agibalova and I it is far. Agibalova was in prison, I have a paper which says that she was serving a sentence of four years. She just keeps her past cooking in the kitchen” – says in the picture, Tatiana Afrikantov.

      Irina Agibalova overreacted to the attacks in his address. The former participant “Houses-2” has promised that will not leave these accusations to go unpunished. She stated that she understands that all these statements – the price paid for popularity. She previously had to deal with Olga Vasilievna Golosovoy, which also differed unflattering remarks Agibalova. Now followed by Tatiana.

      In support of the mother spoke, she Gazhienko. She also threatened Tatiana Afrikanova court for libel. “No, say, criminal convictions do you have? Now! For slander! My mom has no and never had a criminal record! She never was in jail! About public there are a lot of people a lot of lies, we got used to it, but there is a beyond. The man is lying openly and concealed “evidence” that doesn’t exist!” – emotionally spoke Olga Gazhienko in the microblog.

      It should be noted that not all Network users suggest Agibalova to sue for libel. Though they are outraged by the accusations Africanoboi, but I think that Irina Agibalova should just not react to such statements and then the slanderers will have no reason to do them.