Andrey Arshavin: “I stayed and have no regrets”

Андрей Аршавин: «Я остался и ни о чем не жалею» The athlete said, as is his football career in recent years. Andrey Arshavin also admitted he can’t imagine his future without sports. He did not want to leave the field, but Andrew tries to soberly assess the situation. In his view, the domestic League is considerably losing ground.

      For the first time in a long time Andrei Arshavin gave an interview in which he spoke in detail about how is his life after retiring from professional football, shared his views on life and plans for the future. At the moment, Andrei Arshavin living in Kazakhstan. He plays on the football team “Kairat”. His training base is located in the country’s capital in Alma-ATA. The athlete admitted that much has changed under the influence of the local culture. Some time it all seemed strange and unfamiliar. He remembered that first big impression he got upon arrival, were the mountains rising around the city. After that, he tried to get used to the local cuisine. Favorite dish of the Kazakhs themselves – horse. As told Arshavin, it is served in almost all restaurants and sold in local markets. Now he cannot even imagine myself without this product.

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      Speaking of football, the athlete said that “Kairat” lost one of the last matches with the national team “Astana” because position players don’t give them more possibilities to Express themselves the way we would like. It is, of course, upset by the fact that he could not win, because it still have high hopes, but Andrew explained that was the reason for the defeat.

      “The best defense in all of Kazakhstan “Astana”. In addition, this club plays defensive football. At least against us. They had experience of “Astana”. Our opponent used his moment, scoring the first. After this “Astana” focused on defending their goal and successfully completed the task,” says Arshavin.

      He also shared that when his former coach Alexander Borodyuk called to play “Kairat”, he immediately agreed. Later, the man left the post of head of the team, but Arshavin stayed to play in Kazakhstan on. He does not regret the decision. Currently, the contract was extended until the end of 2017. He wants to “Kairat” finally won a landslide victory, because during this time he became more United with other players.

      On the question of whether Andrew sees himself as a coach, he only expressed the opinion that it is not able to do this kind of work. Star sports is confident that it needs to have good endurance, be a good psychologist and understand what you require from the wards.

      “It is clear that coaches are different: emotional and calm. But you need to be a psychologist and understand their sport. There are so many nuances! Analytical work is worth. How many football coaches are looking! I probably won’t see how they are before the next game. But just don’t understand – how is it looking? Instead, I would have come and said, “Guys, we are stronger than them. Let’s play our football!” – confessed to the athlete.

      Andrey Arshavin is confident that the level of the Russian footboa years falls only because the quality of the game greatly fails. In his opinion, it is necessary to develop a strong strategy that would lead forward. Human factor here. He remembered that he liked the position of Guus Hiddink. He never asked what the wards were doing off the field, but it was important that they gave their all during the match and the training. “I like this approach: do his professional work well, and your personal life does not interest anyone. Importantly, the actions outside of football don’t affect the team,” said Arshavin.

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      The man also believes that paying too low salaries to athletes would be wrong. He appeals the experience of foreign colleagues who get paid the big money players, and they show high results. It seems that to eliminate state support is not possible. Without it, private companies would not be willing to pay what the players get now. So you need to work out a payment format that would suit both sides. Most importantly, according to Andrei, is a strong and resilient players who are ready to surrender the case to the last. “Pay less, guys will play for less money. If they give someone more, they will go to play for a lot of money. I think it all depends on a specific player. Abroad also get good money. Not sure I need to personalize the Russian players”, – said Arshavin in an interview