Ирену Понарошку преследуют судебные приставы
Popular TV presenter got into trouble.

Irena Ponaroshku

Photo: @irenaponaroshku Instagram Irena Ponaroshku

Irena Ponaroshku recently was surprised to learn that bailiffs arrested funds in its Bank account. Confused TV star contacted representatives of the law and found that… listed in the “debtor”: it “hangs” a few unpaid traffic fines. But, according to Irene, an error occurred, as no debts for autonewline it does not.

A little later, Irena understood what happened, but the problem is not solved. “According to your instructions found on the website info about what has written off 11 Tr Three unpaid traffic fines. Or rather paid for, but payment information is not displayed in the database… I can not be anything outstanding, I’m a control freak! Now I will look for receipts, digging through the records and restore your good name!” told for Fun.

The presenter was outraged by the actions of the representatives of the law. She thinks she should have been alert that listed her debt. “Che, they just write off the money?! Why don’t you call, mails not send?! It would be much easier to throw the bailiff proof of payment than now to go to them, to write applications and that’s all!” — added Irena.

By the way, last week Fun quarreling with the airline. She was dissatisfied with the food on Board the plane and expressed on this occasion dissatisfaction in the Network. Irena appealed to the leadership of the company with a request to be more “edible” menu of a vegetarian diet to replace the current.