Ирена Понарошку попросила новую кожу под глаза
The presenter has compiled a list of gifts before her birthday.

Soon, on 14 November, Irena Ponaroshku will turn 34
year. It would seem that triumph to wait a little more than two weeks, and the TV presenter is already
made a list of gifts that would like to have. However, the fact that wished
to Pretend, it is unlikely you can buy in the store.

“Ready wish-list gifts
in my upcoming Day of Aging! Who is interested — write down the new skin under
eyes, portable teleport Moscow-Besagte that puppy that never
does not grow, spray-protection from idiots, watermelon cake “Napoleon” — says TV presenter. Is
all. I don’t need much”.

Subscribers immediately picked up the theme and began
to add to this list their wishes. “You can also add forever happy husband and forever
obedient child,” wrote one. “And
how watermelon seedless?! And that after going off alone with him, not
feel aquarium,” wrote others.

By the way, Irena Ponaroshku is always open to communication with their
fans. Also, the presenter eagerly
shares his beauty secrets. She believes that if she has knowledge about
how to be healthy and beautiful, then they will want to share. So, TV presenter
talked about how caring for your body.

“The cellulite, of course
present in very small amounts and may be noticeable under certain
poses or lighting. But not to say it’s my everyday pain. Massage and
sport — it is an effective measure to prevent it. I constantly
experimenting with anti cellulite creams. I love how after their skin
— elastic and smooth. In General, worse, they just don’t. With regard to conventional
creams for the body, then I made a knight’s move — set is very good
water purification system, thanks to which the skin after a shower completely dries.
So I have no need to use any oil and
lotions. I’m all for leather learned to self-regulate. For example, your
child I do before the year, by any means, not soap and not smeared — not
powder or cream under the diaper. Our skin has the ability to adapt to
the environment and the less we something force-fed, the better. I say
about the body, but the face, of course, you have to care more actively, as in our
society overpriced aesthetic standards,” said Fake.