Tim Burton admitted that growing up with monsters

Тим Бертон признался, что рос с чудовищами
The famous Director shared childhood memories.

Tim Burton

Photo: Fotodom.ru

In a recent interview
Director and producer Tim Burton said that best friends of his childhood was
... monsters! As admitted Tim, fictional characters — like Frankenstein
or king Kong — he was a lot closer
than his classmates. About this Burton told the reporter for Parade magazine.

Tim, who grew up in a family
the owner of the souvenir shops and the former coach of the baseball team,
turned-employee of the reserve, never felt
their Junior team. It began in kindergarten and continued in
school. “I felt there is a real alien. And school attendance in
high school brought me into a state of uncontrollable fear. But
I loved “horror” — since, as
only learned to speak. And appearing in the heroes-monsters caused me
sincere sympathy. The people on the contrary, I was terrified — they seemed dangerous, incomprehensible
and unpredictable…” admitted Burton.

Not surprising
the fact that when Tim grew up, he enthusiastically began to make films about all sorts of
bizarre creatures — such as the story about Edward
Scissorhands, the corpse bride or the incredible creatures from Alice in the country
miracles.” That’s a new Burton film — “the House of strange children miss peregrine”, according to the actress Aces Butterfield is also “very surreal and

According to the Tim, which
the year before he broke up with his girlfriend and the mother of two children with Helena Bonham-Carter,
he just couldn’t do another movie, it’s just nothing
happened. “I guess many are waiting, when I finally repainted in blonde
and start wearing light clothes. But I assure you, even if I decided to shoot
a new version of the musical “the Sound of music, I got something very
grim!” — said the Director.