Ирада Зейналова вышла замуж за коллегу The presenter connected his life with the military correspondent of the First channel. Irada Zeynalova played at a wedding in the narrow family circle. For a long time the lovers hid their relationship and refused to comment.

      Ирада Зейналова вышла замуж за коллегу

      Conversations about relationships presenter Irada Zeynalova and war correspondent of the First channel Alexander Evstigneeva appeared at the end of the summer. However, the stars of the ether did not seek to reveal their feelings to the public. Today it became known that the lovers were married in a narrow circle of relatives and close friends.

      “Sister’s wedding. Irada, be happy! Of love and joy! Now, remember 16.12.16!” – written by Svetlana Zeynalov in the microblog.

      For several months of the upcoming wedding was discussed in the society. Apparently, excessive secrecy only drew attention to their personal lives. Svetlana, the sister of Irada is also stubbornly kept silence and talked about the fact that he knows nothing about the upcoming celebration. The groom also kept everyone in the dark, Recalling the incredible employment, which did not give him the opportunity to comment on the growing rumors.

      Surrounded by Irada and Alexander said that the beloved maintain a romantic relationship for more than two years. However, they managed to hide it from the public eye.

      Last year Zeynalov ended the relationship with her husband Alexei Samoletova, with whom they lived for 10 years. They have a common son Timur, who is now studying in a prestigious University, and also served in the army. The young man was cool with parting parents and kept a great relationship with both mom and dad. Alexey confessed that he has a lot of work, so was not sure whether in the capital, when his ex-wife will go to the altar with the other.

      “We are all adults, each with its own independent life, – says Alexei. – I now drive from trip to trip, I have constant shooting, so I don’t even know if I’ll be in Moscow during her wedding. I have loads of things to work.”