Participant of “the Voice” Nicole Knaus: “the Smile of my children is any project”

Участница «Голоса» Николь Кнаус: «Улыбка моих детей стоит любого проекта» The singer told how she manages to combine the participation of the project with raising a son and daughter. The blind auditions Nicole Knaus came shortly before the birth of the baby. “StarHit” talked with the artist before going on stage the second quarterfinals show.

      Участница «Голоса» Николь Кнаус: «Улыбка моих детей стоит любого проекта»

      Today on the First channel will be the second quarterfinal of the popular project “the Voice.” One of the contenders for victory – Nicole Knaus. 21-year-old singer struck his vocals almost all the judges. However, the actress is not only successful in her work. She is a wonderful wife and mother of two children, the second pregnancy did not prevent the artist to try his luck on the popular music competition. “StarHit” talked to Nicole Knaus shortly before her speech.

      You came for the Voice and being in an interesting position. Why take the risk?
      Участница «Голоса» Николь Кнаус: «Улыбка моих детей стоит любого проекта»If you’re talking about pregnancy, then this position is not only interesting, but also extremely natural for every woman. And if she is by vocation a vocalist, and sing for her is more than natural. Therefore, the risk of it was not. Every day I sing from morning to evening, and what, in fact, the difference is it happens at home, in club or on the stage of “the Voice”? Stress starts where the comfort zone, but I love my job, not forgetting his original purpose – to give life. It seems to me that the focus on my pregnancy was initially a little harder than I should have. In this project, the mentors and the audience appreciate the voice, and nothing more. —
      Is it difficult now for you to combine the care of a newborn child and participate in “the Voice”?
      Участница «Голоса» Николь Кнаус: «Улыбка моих детей стоит любого проекта»One of my children smile is worth a lifetime of any international project. But in addition to caring for them, we still have the obligation to submit them an example to follow. A wise man, do not remember exactly who, said, “don’t raise children, they will still like you. Educate yourself.” Opportunities of any person at times more than combining education and their profession. I joke that could have at the same time to paint, become an astronaut and travel to raise penguins in Antarctica… —
      How did you meet your husband? When you got married?
      Участница «Голоса» Николь Кнаус: «Улыбка моих детей стоит любого проекта»My husband once came to me for vocal lessons and since then never left. Our wedding is still ahead, and we want to celebrate this at the beginning of summer, somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. And our Princess Olivia 14 Nov turned two.

      You’ve got a serious musical education. Did you learn something new during the work with Leonid Agutin?
      Участница «Голоса» Николь Кнаус: «Улыбка моих детей стоит любого проекта»Of course! I learned a lot of Russian songs, which have not been heard before and as I listen carefully to every word mentors because each of them has enormous experience in the music business and excellent taste in music and our profession as a whole.—
      How do you feel about the rest of the participants of the project?
      Участница «Голоса» Николь Кнаус: «Улыбка моих детей стоит любого проекта»You saw the participants of the fifth season? Do you seriously think that these insanely talented people can not love? I hope that with each of them we have not just to work and make something unimaginable. Our distance is limited only by the distance. And in fact – we have our chat messengers and we are always online with each other. And since the beginning of the project, these chats do not change. There are all those who left, has not passed.

      For you it was a surprise that Simon along with other members will visit you in the hospital?
      Участница «Голоса» Николь Кнаус: «Улыбка моих детей стоит любого проекта»It was like some dream. Only slowly realizing the birth of a son, I walked out the front door of the hospital and saw his family, the entire crew, our team, Leonid Nikolaevich… Too many impressions, but it was perfect! Around the hospital even circled the Quad and shot. I can say that we had a very serious video with a statement in the history of this hospital!—
      What is your relationship with your mentor? He may treat you more favorably than all the rest?
      I don’t think he treats me more favourably than others in a musical sense, although a couple of times the editors of the project I was released from rehearsal early so I could get Daniel home, for which they thank you.