"Insults subscribers": Djigan was sued While Oksana Samoilova and her husband, nicknamed Dzhigan, and in the world Denis Ustimenko, was dumped from the country to warmer climes, a trial against the artist began in Moscow.

"Insults subscribers": Djigan was suedA few months ago, the chairman of the All-Russian Parents' Committee, Yuri Obolonsky, turned to the authorities with a demand to call the rapper accountable for his offensive video.

"Insults subscribers": Djigan was sued

Recall that Djigan loves to humiliate and call his audience names, most of which are immature teenagers. Samoilova's husband often calls fans “cocks” and rewards with other epithets, not embarrassed in expressions. At the same time, numerous children of Ustimenko often flashed in the frame earlier. So dad swears like a shoemaker in the presence of underage heirs. Offends subscribers”: Dzhigan was sued” />

Obolonsky demands to fine the artist a million rubles, but in addition, he invites the guardianship authorities to ask what kind of climate prevails in a rich and famous family.

< p>“There was a first meeting on the merits, at which they began to study the evidence presented. It is not surprising that all representatives of the law were literally “skewed” when watching the videos of Dzhigan indicated in the lawsuit, in which he insults his subscribers, ”said the representative of the plaintiff about the course of the meeting.

So far, Dzhigan does not itch and does not worry about what is happening, continuing “ planned vacation” in Israel. It is reported that Ustimenko intends to obtain a local passport.

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