"I see yapping": Andrei Makarevich spoke about Russians The once popular musician Andrei Makarevich in recent years began to move in the wrong direction.

"I see yapping": Andrei Makarevich spoke about the Russians Having dispersed the next musicians of his group Time Machine, he could easily call them worms, and as for politics, after the reunification of Crimea with Russia, he took a pro-Ukrainian position. By the way, at that time Makarevich had a nice villa in the Crimea, but no one seemed to be going to take it away from him.

After 2014, they began to gradually forget about Makarevich, but he reminded himself of himself with another bright statement. The musician did not like it very much that the people, in his opinion, treated the artists who left the country in a different way and gave their assessment of what was happening.

“I see yapping about those who left – Alla, Maxim, Chulpan, Zemfira… It's Russia that left from you, motherfucker. Because Russia is they, not you,” Andrei Vadimovich said.

A very bold statement, given that he named only 4 people, and 145 and a half million people live in Russia.

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