Insiders say brad pitt found his Amal Clooney

Инсайдеры говорят: Брэд Питт нашел свою Амаль Клуни

Despite the fact that the divorce of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie, only coming to an end, 54-year-old actor already has a new girlfriend. It is a 42-year-old Neri Oxman is the dream of pitt. She’s smart, loves architecture and can be it’s Amal Clooney. Such a comparison insiders have used not just because they have a lot in common, but pitt hopes that his life will change for the better in the same way as happened with his colleague George Clooney with the advent of Amal.

Инсайдеры говорят: Брэд Питт нашел свою Амаль Клуни

“A lot of time passed before brad returned to romantic relationships, but he returned. He likes women who challenge him in all things, especially in terms of intelligence. Brad saw how changed his friend George Clooney when he met Amal, and how happy she made him. It gave him a reason to think” — said the insider.

Official comment from the actor yet, but we can safely say that it was the love for architecture has bound them. “Brad said he wanted to implement many architectural and design ideas. He found the work of Neri, and she seemed very talented,” added a source close to the actor.

Инсайдеры говорят: Брэд Питт нашел свою Амаль Клуни
Recall the recent users discussing good mood brad pitt at a baseball game, linking it with the new hobby of the actor architect Neri Oxman. Personal life the actor is very interested in network users and those looking for any confirmation of the novel. At this time, the all-knowing insiders added fuel to the fire, saying that pitt is not the first time he spends the night in the apartment at Oxman.

Early sources claimed that pitt is doing everything to spend more time with Oxman. Being a persistent man, he was able to persuade his girlfriend to give him the keys to the apartment in Massachusetts, where brad stayed the night. “Pitt was seen several times near her home in the late evening and early morning… nery is not preparing. They ordered food in her favorite restaurants,” said the insider.

It became known that pitt and Oxman in February, together attended a conference at the design Indaba in Cape town, where Neri was one of the speakers. “Their romance began almost immediately, when one of her designs — chairs, created using 3D printing — attracted his attention. Brad is crazy about Neri. Their chemistry is off the charts,” added a source close to the actor.

The famous actor is interested in a woman and began courting her last year, when his divorce was in full swing. In November 2017 pitt visits Oxman on one of his lectures at Massachusetts Institute of technology. This was confirmed by pictures of the students with the star, which was done right after class. “It’s brilliant and simply gorgeous,” admired Neri for her students.