Инсайдер говорит: у Леди Гаги роман с Джереми Реннером?

After a nomination for “Oscar” for his work in the film “a Star is born” Lady Gaga has become part of the cinema, so Dating and a potential boyfriend, the singer added. Recently she was suspected of the affair with Bradley Cooper, the Director of the film, and now talking about the affair of the singer with the star of “the Avengers” Jeremy Renner.

Инсайдер говорит: у Леди Гаги роман с Джереми Реннером?

Sources of Western news portals, Lady Gaga romance with Jeremy Renner. If you think that in General the stars? It turns out that Jeremy not only in films, but also enjoys music. “I studied music since the age of 12. Just didn’t want to turn it into a business,” — said the actor. Renner wrote songs for the cartoon Guardians of the Arctic, where he also voiced Fox. In the cartoon also voiced the characters Heidi Klum, James Franco, Omar Sy and Alec Baldwin.

We will remind, after the debut of the film Bradley Cooper “a Star is born”, where the main role, in addition to the Director himself, played by singer Lady Gaga, actors are very good friends. Since that time, the artists support each other everywhere: appeared at events together sang the Oscar-winning song “Shallow” and openly showed love to each other. Gaga had to comment on assigned romance with Bradley.

The romance rumors went after Bradley and Gaga performed the song “Shallow” at the ceremony, Oscar. The actors got so into the song that didn’t notice, as their closeness has become suspicious. Yesterday the singer appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show, which commented on the affair. “First, social media is, frankly, the bathroom is the Internet. People saw the love, and guess what? That’s what we wanted to see.

This song is about love. “A star is born” is a love story. Bradley made the film and the author of all music scenes including. I knew that he had a vision of how it should look. For both of us this relationship was very important. When you sing a love song, you want people feel, you believe,” says Gaga, sitting on the couch in the Studio.

The artist believes that friendly relationship with colleagues there is nothing to be ashamed of. She prirovnyat relationship with Bradley to friendship with Tony Bennett, with whom she worked for several years. The stars never once hugged on stage. “I am an artist, and I think that we Bradley did a great job… you cheated!” she joked.

But recently, the singer broke up with her fiance, which also warmed up the rumors about the affair with the actor. The official representative of lady Gaga said the portal Just Jared that the stars really broke off the engagement. In details, the representative did not elaborate, only said that “the relationship sometimes comes to an end without any drama of history.” The couple broke up a long time ago.

Wrong fans Gaga was suspected even at the presentation of the Grammys, when the star appeared on the red carpet without an engagement ring.

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