Инсайдер говорит: Кендалл Дженнер встречается с баскетболистом Беном Симмонсом

Kendall Jenner does not like to publicize his personal life and unlike the sisters, not often shares photos on social networks. But for the media there is nothing not possible and they learned interesting information: in the network appeared the information from an eyewitness that says about the relationship of the model and 21-year-old NBA players Ben Simmons. Two insiders confirmed the active development of the novel.

Инсайдер говорит: Кендалл Дженнер встречается с баскетболистом Беном Симмонсом

21-year-old model and basketball player together in just two weeks, but young people just don’t depart from each other. They are constantly Dating. Last week saw a couple in a trendy restaurant on the Bowery in Manhattan with friends, and a few days ago for dinner in Beverly hills. “There have been certain security measures to Kendall and Ben could spend the evening together. They had fun with each other,” said the insider.

Kendall’s partial to basketball as her sister khloé Kardashian: Ben she was Dating another NBA player is Blake Griffin, right, Roman, it did not advertise. Foreign media linked model and defender “Los Angeles Lakers” Jordan Clarkson.

About my personal life Kendall does not apply even in an interview and leaves only the ambiguous comments that leave the media confused. Recently again started talking about bisexual girls — after her interview with Vogue magazine: “I don’t think I’m bisexual or homosexual, but who knows? Not that I was against it, I just have yet this has not happened, but I’m in search of”.

Previously, Kendall was seen with Blake in public, but did not cause much excitement. Their date seemed harmless enough and most fans just don’t believe in the possibility of relations of stars. A reliable source close to the couple told foreign publication Us Weekly that they were Dating. “They are together. Kendall always goes to his games. They also enjoy spending time at home together, when Blake is in town and not at the next match,” confirms the source.

Recently Kendall with her sister Kylie decided to do a double date to celebrate Halloween. They went to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood with Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott. Then the sister model said he believes Griffin is a cool, fun and sexy, and even said that she likes how he takes care of her. A couple noticed the paparazzi while Dating in a restaurant and a joint walking the streets of the city.