Инсайдер говорит: Дакота Джонсон и Крис Мартин скоро поженятся?

The star of the new movie “Suspiria” and the soloist of group Coldplay Chris Martin have been Dating for more than a year! The insider reports that in 2019, the Dakota will become a bride, and not far before the wedding.

“Soon they will announce the engagement. Chris wanted this to happen after the wedding, Gwyneth and their children learned this news immediately, but gradually,” – said the insider to Us Weekly. We are talking about marriage Gwyneth Paltrow and brad Felchak, which was in September.

“He wanted to them with Gwyneth children fell all the changes at once,” says the source.

We will remind, last winter was first talked about novel of the Dakota and the singer of Coldplay Chris Martin. Then the actress appeared on the show and then the paparazzi have not once noticed the stars together. “I’m not going to talk about it. Just to say that I am very happy with it,” admitted the star. Well, that all is well.

The actress has already introduced new boyfriend with her father, actor Don Johnson. Journalists of the newspaper The Sun managed to find the impression of the don from their Chris first met. According to him, Chris is a talented man, and his priority to make her happy.
“He’s a great guy. In any case, each of us wants their children to be happy, no matter how it happens. Chris is a talented musician. I saw them in concert in a small club “the Troubadour” in Los Angeles, my daughter glowed with happiness,” said don Johnson told reporters.
A couple of days before new year Dakota and Chris noticed at the airport of Charles de Gaulle in Paris, which confirms their relationship. According to the insiders, the lovers spent a few days in the capital. The town they left together, and carefully concealed from photographers.

According to some, in the airport they got on the same car, but got out of it individually.

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