Инна Маликова заговорила о серьезных ограничениях в питании Woman surprised fans with their appearance. She tries to follow the figure below and in 40 years to be irresistible. Like any artist, celebrity secrets that help her stay in shape. She said that every year fasting and deprive yourself of many of your favorite dishes.

      Inna Malikova leads an active life. She directs VIA “New gems”, appeared in various programmes on television and finds time for his family and friends. Fans of the actress say that woman inspires them. All it, according to subscribers proves that it is possible to work in tight schedule and elegant look.

      It is obvious that she has their little secrets, which she willingly shares. The singer admitted that she tries to keep Orthodox fasting four times a year. Such a regime, of course, is not suitable for every woman, but the actress insists that there is nothing difficult to just stop eating “cheese” – extraordinary products for several weeks. Malikov advises not to use at this time, starchy and sweet.

      “Special dietary restrictions I have. I’ve been fasting four times a year — during this period, completely exclude meat and dairy products. Try to eat less starchy foods, but sometimes in the morning you can afford a sandwich on the bread,” – said a celebrity.

      The star admits that not feel great need to go on a diet. But that doesn’t mean she’s careless approach to their food. If she suddenly want to eat sweet, she’s limiting herself to a little dessert before lunch. “I have enough to drink tea with cookies or light cake. The main thing — to do it in the morning”, – said Inna.

      In addition, Malikova devotes a lot of time to sports training. According to star, without exercise to achieve figures dream almost impossible. Need to regularly engage in to continually be in a great physical shape. Judging by the posts ina, she really understands how best to load certain groups of muscles.

      “The most effective exercises for me is plank and running. I will run three times a week: 4-5 miles on weekdays, and on Saturday and Sunday 10-12 km. Importantly, the sport was the regular” – said the singer.

      Inna Malikova is not shy to share with the subscribers of the videos, which shows that she was actively training in the gym. As state fans, it inspires many to start working on yourself, spreading in social networks such posts. But the artist advises all those who are intensively engaged in fitness, to devote some time and Spa treatments. “Every three weeks I will do total body massage. Thanks to him, improves blood circulation, restores skin tone, relax the muscles,” – shared the soloist ENSEMBLE “New Samotsvety” with Woman.ru.