Nastya Zadorozhnaya is haunted by the fame of Kim Kardashian

Насте Задорожной не дает покоя слава Ким Кардашьян The singer annoys the regular mention for any reason the American heroine of the reality show. Nastya Zadorozhnaya does not know what she should do to get rid of the constant appearance of the name of Kim Kardashian in her film the social network. Some subscribers artist fully agreed with this position.

      Насте Задорожной не дает покоя слава Ким Кардашьян

      The singer Nastya Zadorozhnaya annoying regular mention of the famous heroine of the reality show Kim Kardashian. The girl doesn’t know how to make it so that her eyes did not come across news from the life of the idol of American pop culture. In recognition of the artist, the conversations on Twitter about the wife of rapper Kanye West her rather tired. She didn’t understand why each step celebrity resonates and the surge of public interest. A few thoughts she shared with your followers.

      “Who else should be deleted from tapes, no more to see the name Kardashian?! Easier to leave, apparently, himself, wrote Zadorozhnaya. Creek emaciated. Well so to impose the characters just sacrilegious.”

      Some members Nastia fully supported it, while others surprised, because as admitted that you’ve never heard the mention of the names Kardashian and have no idea what it is so famous and why provoked the wrath of the stars of the series “Club”. “And I do not like this tasteless dressed, even naked. No taste, no moral ethics”, “she’s Got a great arse, who doesn’t understand, you prude,” “We, simple people, of course, want bread and circuses, but not to this extent. Nastya, you’re charming,” “God, who is this Kardashian?”, “All of her giant ass! Dubious achievement”, “Who is this?” – began to discuss the followers Zadorozhnaya.

      About Anastasia Zadorozhnaya learned after the role of Angelica, which she played in teen picture “Simple truth”. However, the real popularity brought her youth series “Club” where the girl has a reputation not only as a talented actress, but also as a singer. Now the actress is acting in movies and recording new songs and releasing the clips. Despite the creative success, she is in no hurry to start a family and get married. She takes cue from her mother, who after the death of a spouse did not hurry with the search for a new candidate for her hand and heart. Nastya Zadorozhnaya does not wish to marry