Заключенный убийца хочет, чтобы в кино его сыграл Брэд Питт

The man who 18 years spent in prison for a crime he did not commit, Steven Avery admitted that wants to see brad pitt in a movie about his difficult life.

Steven said that the film, which will be told about all the difficulties of his life, he does not see anyone except Hollywood handsome.

Why the choice fell on pitt, Avery explains. Obviously, the higher the status of the celebrity, the more successful you should get a movie.

Note that a full-scale film about Steven, no one speaks. Although previously released TV series.

In 2015, the audience was presented the documentary detective ten serial serial, the shooting of which took more than 10 years. The event period covers more than 30 years.

Reference: Steven Avery – a man accused of rape and sentenced to imprisonment, was imprisoned for 18 years of his life. During all this time, he claimed innocence to the crime.

After 18 years, Stephen was acquitted after the appearance of evidence in the form of DNA. Shortly after the release of Steven decided to demand compensation for its opinion and filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the County of Manitowoc and several senior officials.

After some time, the man again hold. This time on suspicion of intentional murder of a local photographer Teresa Halbach. With Steven police arrested his nephew, 16-year-old-introvert Brendan Dassi, tangled testimony of which, and probably fabricated evidence, built charges and finally convictions.