Egor Holyavin horrified by the methods of transformation

Егор Холявин ужаснул методами преображения Eks-the participant “Houses-2” is not shy to show beauty treatments. A man has posted a video and photos ugly side of cosmetic surgery. Subscribers men expressed negative emotions from the sight.

      Егор Холявин ужаснул методами преображения

      Audience favorite “House-2” Egor Holyavin continues to surprise fans with the transformation. During his stay on the project the young man threw a few tens of kilograms, and now he wants to bring her looks to perfection. The businessman turned for help to cosmetologists and plastic surgeons.

      Unlike most men, which take the manipulation of its appearance, but hide this fact, Egor decided to share with followers on Instagram details of the Transfiguration. Halavin published a detailed video of the process of increasing your lips. In the video, the cosmetologist makes the man the injection, which seems to be causing him a lot of pain. The star of “House-2” bravely endured the torments and tries not to let on that it’s unpleasant.

      “My lips now – the juice”, signed live Halavin.

      However, frankness Yegor aroused not admiration, and a sharp negative reaction from his subscribers. “Eyebrows are not pronounced, do the tattoo yet! Here they are – men of the 21st century… In shock, “What motivates a man when he increases lip”, “Be feminine, charm”, “the Horror,” wrote the man a followers.

      As it turned out, lip augmentation is not the only procedure for the transformation of the former participant “Houses-2”. Behind the video Yegor published a horrifying photo. Especially impressionable better not to open the link to the Approx. ed.). In the frame captured his operation to remove excess fat on the face.

      “Good day! Many people ask me about the operation, which I recently did. Removed lumps “Bruce Laguna” wonderful doctor. Earlier we could not imagine that the lumps can be removed, in order to bring beautiful shape to his face. The surgery went perfectly and painlessly,” wrote Yegor.

      It is not surprising that at this time a detailed illustration of the surgical intervention were admired not all fans Holavina. Some of them are just horrified looking at a photo.

      “The operation is very fashionable now, but nobody talks about how the face then ages”, “Egor, you’re done, so handsome, how was the surgery? Happiness to you, good luck”, “Boy become like a Hollywood actor or singer”, “Ugh! Gross. Why would you lay out”, “I can’t, I feel bad looking at this picture,” shared their views commenting.