В семье солиста «Иванушек» случилась трагедия
Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo lost another loved one.

Julia Grigoriev-Apollo with her husband

Photo: @andreyallright Instagram

Today it became known that the family of Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonova happened to the mountain. The soloist lost their 51-year-old sister Julia. Circumstances of death of a close relative of the star is not yet publicized. Friends of Andrew and his colleagues expressed their condolences to the singer through social networks.

First about the death of her sister, the singer said the husband of Julia. In his microblog, he left a note in which he said that he didn’t want to believe what had happened: “it was Not my favorite girl, my daughter, my happiness, my love! Can’t let you go, to understand and realize the situation. Found out about it yesterday, returning with a friend from the gym, walking on New Arbat. Then in the fog, came home, took the passport and to the airport. Night arrived in Sochi, to go home can’t, there are expert-investigations. The reason for this outcome is not yet established…”

Andrew has not commented on the incident. At the time of the death of Julia he was with his wife on vacation in the Czech Republic. Death the sister has already become the second tragedy in the life of 46-year-old Andrew over the last month. In early July, it was not a close friend, and a soloist of “Ivanushki” Oleg Yakovlev.