Charlize Theron started Dating a new boyfriend

Шарлиз Терон начала встречаться с новым бойфрендом
Apparently in the personal life of the famous actress Charlize Theron significant changes.

Шарлиз Терон начала встречаться с новым бойфрендом

A year ago, Charlize broke it off with Sean pen, and then all my time is given to work and children.

But recently came to the shooting of a television show, Theron confessed about the new novel.

“A month ago I went on an awesome date. It was something incredible and delicious. I haven’t had this much laughing. This guy was able to produce a lasting impression on me. We walked the nine kilometres under the full and beautiful moon. I laughed. He’s a great guy,” said the actress.

While the name of the new chosen Charlize is unknown, but I think very soon there will be more details.

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