На компанию Джессики Альбы снова подают в суд

The good name of his company actress Jessica Alba again defends in court.

For Honest Company again filed a lawsuit. Some Margo Smith accuses the Corporation to use deceptive marketing to sell their funds. A resident of Missouri, is convinced that for false advertising, the company should be held accountable and hoping for a fair solution to this issue.

The reason for trials again served as a part of that Honest Company sells as “natural”.

According to Smith, in household chemical substance used SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), though brochures categorically deny it.

The company’s lawyers, of course, all the accusations the company denied, noting that all statements and claims as “baseless”.

However, despite the disagreement with the position of miss Smith, the Honest Company, it turns out, also does not trust the research edition of the Wall Street Journal, which recently published the results of studies of detergent Honest Company and identified in the production of SLS.

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