French singer talked about his affair with Kristen Stewart

Французская певица рассказала о своем романе с Кристен Стюарт
The star of “Twilight” finally forgot Robert Pattinson.

Kristen Stewart and Stephanie Sokolinski (Soko)

Photo: Splash News/East news

Over the past
several weeks the paparazzi managed to make dozens of shots of Kristen Stewart with her
new girlfriend French actress and singer Stephanie Sokolinski,
serving under the name “Soko”. But to comment on their relationship girls don’t
hurry. And then, finally, the Parisian decided to tell about the affair with Stewart
in an interview with “W magazine”.

Soko said: “I
very, very in love and happy in their relationship!” “Until recently
talking about sex was not accepted. But this is one of the great joys in
life. There is nothing better than to find the person you love and with whom
would you like to engage in physical contact. Fortunately, our own,that is, the younger generation is not accustomed to
sexual orientation and feels more free in their choice!” —
said singer.

Say, Stephanie
said Stewart in love on the second day of their acquaintance. Incidentally, in
last Soko met not only with girls. It’s funny that, according to the singer,
among her fleeting Boyfriends was a former boyfriend Kristen — Robert Pattinson! Stewart met Robert four years. They broke up in 2013, and it is very hard went through a breakup of their relationship.

Girlfriend actress
claim that Stuart is quite a long time in the hopes that Robert will forgive her affair with Director Rupert Sanders, but it never happened. And when
Robert Pattinson began Dating singer FK Twiggs, and then engaged to her, Kristen “grief”
have an affair with his assistant — Alicia Kargil. However, they were not
to see together for some time before I met Soko.

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