В биографии Павла Мамаева обнаружился незаконно записанный ребёнок
After the scandal with the fight, the player Mamaev interest not only sports fans, but “yellow” press, which was able to dig in the biography of Paul something strange.

В биографии Павла Мамаева обнаружился незаконно записанный ребёнок

It turned out that his wife Alana Mamaev, before meeting with the player, were married.

В биографии Павла Мамаева обнаружился незаконно записанный ребёнок

Her husband was also an athlete, 3-time kickboxing world champion, 2-times champion of the world Cup on a kickboxing, the champion of Russia Alexander Linden, who is currently married to model Sasha Kabaeva, whose real name is Alina Kabaeva.

В биографии Павла Мамаева обнаружился незаконно записанный ребёнок

So in marriage Alan had a Fake son, a boy named Alex.

Officially, Alana and Alexander divorced in December 2013 and in January 2014 she again got married and changed her last name from Linden on Mamaev. Alexander says that Paul had brought him a son at the meeting did not impede the communication. A child (a baby born in 2012, that is, he is almost 6 years old) called him Sasha, and Mamayev — dad.

В биографии Павла Мамаева обнаружился незаконно записанный ребёнок

And just recently the Linden learned that the graph dad Alex recorded it, father, and stepfather Pavel Mamaev.

“It became clear that I was deprived of fatherhood in September 2017 by the court. I’m on trial had no idea, was not present”

says Linden.

В биографии Павла Мамаева обнаружился незаконно записанный ребёнок

“Was in the registry office and saw the documents with a dash in the column of paternity. For me it was a shock. They initially asked to change the name due to the fact that it is inconvenient to carry the child to kindergarten, to fly out of the country etc Although they are freely doing all the help that was asked of me. In the document on the deprivation of fatherhood is said to voluntarily waive a child and don’t want to see him.

But I came repeatedly in Krasnodar (family lives there, as Paul’s contract with the local club “Krasnodar”. – Approx. “SE”), seen with her son. But rarely due to certain inconveniences. Still live and work in Moscow. At least it’s not a male thing to do. Got blindsided at the exact moment when I learned the story Mamayev. And decided through his lawyer to petition for mitigation of his actions, because they have brought up my son.

Let’s start with the fact that there are witnesses whose names I know, but not personally familiar, testified that I did not participate in the son’s life. Trial was held September 5, 2017. For more than a year ago. Supposedly I didn’t come to see Alex, have not transferred the money to him, was not interested in his life. But it’s all a lie. Admit I rarely visited, I was awkward to go there. But what I from him wanted to give up…. What is this nonsense?! They asked me to change the name, but not to deny paternity. Of course, flatly refused.

Now they want me child support. But I already paid them and will continue to do so. This does not run and not run, as written in their lawsuit. This is complete nonsense!

Paul called me and asked about the name change. Refused. But no evil without good. Wanted to encourage him to soften the measure and suddenly found out about it. All his motions immediately took it back.

My lawyer Vadim Lyalin will control everything and restore everything. Just wonder they started this war. Very unexpected. I think that this does not win.”.

On the question whether Alexander relationship with Alana, Linden replied:

“Her six years do not communicate. The situation is very unpleasant for me. Just a shock. Came today and there a dash in fatherhood. Understand that he wanted a name change, but why to deny paternity? Deprived of paternity, if the father is insane or voluntarily refuses. Rarely came, I admit. But they are the conditions created. It was frozen, the phone did not take. Then Alan said, “he Who seeks will always find”. Not want, to be honest, this story is buried.

If he Mamaev called and said, “No more money”, I would have stopped to transfer funds. He son lay. I hope Alex grows up, will my name go and glorify it.”.

In conclusion, Alexander assured that we will continue to deal with this:

“To the fullest extent of the law will ask from him and from witnesses who gave false testimony. Just because it does not leave.”.

So, even if Pavel Mamaev, after all, will be released in case of a fight, in court, he still see Alexander Fake.

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