В школьные годы Ренате Литвиновой мерещились покойники

Actress and Director Renata Litvinova someone fascinating, someone doesn’t like it. But one thing in common – the emotions it raises. “The woman is not of this world” can be described Litvinov. It’s unusual in its thinking, vision of the surrounding world, manner of speech and even clothing style. But as it turned out, this image was created by Renata artificially. Over him she have worked long and hard. This secret Litvinova disclosed to her classmate and ex-girlfriend Tatiana Zavalska.

“Manner of speech, unusual gestures, of course, part of a carefully orchestrated image that she created,” says the woman. According to her, Renata drew inspiration Lyudmila Gurchenko: “Remember how she held her hands to his waist and saying: “That is, Gurchenko 48 inches. It’s just amazing, that’s the way to do it!”

To be fair, there is a singularity in the actress is still present since childhood: “Renata was not the most sociable girl, but liked to tell scary stories. For example, about the dead, they constantly saw each other, ” said friend Litvinova. – The school preferred to stay alone, I was able to fill in friends. And it is, in fact, no one touched. If we girls were going to have it at home, Renata was in no hurry to take part in our conversations – I sat down at the piano and Penkala gamma”.