В Москве простились с Антоном Носиком The funeral of the journalist was held at the Vostryakovskoye cemetery. Nose died on Sunday night of a heart attack. Thousands of Internet users remember what was one of the most popular media managers of Runet.
В Москве простились с Антоном Носиком

Over the weekend, never became a popular blogger and journalist Anton Nosik. The man died at the age of 51 from a heart attack. The tragic news was announced by his widow Anna. Friends and colleagues of the Nose gathered in the Central house of writers, to say goodbye to the media Manager. According to some, the ceremony was attended by about a thousand people. The funeral of a prominent journalist was held at the Vostryakovskoye cemetery. In social networks there were shots of the tomb of Anton Borisovich. He was buried according to Jewish customs.

“The cemetery was painful. Grave in the depths, a host of people made their way through chains and fences, through one stepped on old tombstones, chopped nettles to the feet tall. The rabbis recited the Kaddish, sad and monotone whine is somebody’s child,” wrote one of the women who were present at the funeral ceremony.

In social networks appear on the memory page of a prominent journalist. For many years the Spout, blogging, Live Journal, so in this portal, users dedicate a long post of media Manager.

“Anton Nosik was incredibly steep, and this is a huge loss for all who had contact with him. And spoke he, in my opinion, with all. Many people who are not very familiar, you know the Spout as the Internet Troll that I hit the media with their provocative statements. But there was another Spout. Wise, incredibly intelligent, knowledgeable answers to all questions,” writes the popular blogger Varlamov.

By the way, about nine years ago, the Spout itself talked on the theme of death in “LiveJournal”. Now I think this post is prophetic.

“However, I find it impossible to believe in his own death. In the sense that it’s hard for me to imagine this hour, when the world around me will continue to exist, but I will cease to be and feel part of it and left of me, only covered with a white sheet, lifeless shell with the features of resemblance, but the memory of people who knew me,” wrote the blogger.

Anton Nosik was born in 1966 in Moscow, in 1989 graduated from the medical faculty of the Moscow state medico-stomatological University. In the early ‘ 90s Idil in Israel. In 1997 he returned to Russia. The spout is called one of the pioneers of Runet. He was one of the originators of the project “Newspaper.ru”, “Feed.ru”, “News.ru”.