Ksenia Sobchak has shared a touching moment of a child’s life

Ксения Собчак поделилась трогательным моментом из жизни ребенка TV presenter and editor of the periodical admired the photograph of her loved ones. In the picture that caused the emotion among Internet users, the charming Plato bathes with his father.

Ksenia Sobchak is a happy mother of a charming Plato, who was born in November last year. The woman doted in the heir and tries to hold him as much time as possible. In the microblog celebrities periodically touching publication, devoted to the son.

New photo of Ksenia Sobchak, a son touched by fans

Recently, she again talked about what Plato. Celebrity is proud of his achievements. Despite the age, the child is already learning to swim and makes remarkable progress. The media personality posted a photo where adorable baby captured in the company of a happy father Maxim Vitorgan. The artist happily supports the heir. Apparently, the actor sincerely enjoy spending time with the child.

“My underwater swimmer already holds the breath and knows the word “dive”!” – said Xenia.

The leading members were delighted with her picture. They found that the picture was extremely successful and inspiring. Followers of Xenia also wished her son to grow up healthy, to the delight of their parents and shared their own experiences of parenting. “Genius,” “a good fellow. Mine, on the contrary, fears two years to teach”, “Class”, “the Impossible happened”, “And we even head my tears”, “I too, with my used to swim from birth. When one year old, swam like dolphins”, “wow”, “Cool”, “Be happy,” discussed social media users.

Note that at the moment Ksenia Sobchak is resting in Spain with her husband and son. “Marbella is something from my childhood. Far away, of course, and the sea is cold, but God, this place is good!” – shared the star of your emotions.

We also add that close to the presenter said “StarHit” about how growing her adorable baby. According to cousin Ksenia Sobchak Alla Usova, all the relatives star in love child. “Nephew smiling, easy going, not a screamer, sort of like the Pope. We don’t see each other so often that he began to get to know me. I usually bring him all sorts of rattles, give clothes, but the kid is incredibly fast growing. Toys he has a lot on the year ahead already bought all”, – said the woman.

According to Usova, bedtime star parents like to turn the heir to the sounds of nature. In addition, a relative of teledive told that the child loves to swim and swims well.