В Москве открылся второй бутик Lise Charmel

In the shopping center “European” has opened an exclusive boutique of the French lingerie brand Lise Charmel. Recently, together with a network of salons “Estelle Adoni”, the brand presented the summer collection and announced the future. The show was visited by Russian celebrities.

“The opening of a second boutique in Russia – a very important moment for us, and we are pleased to use the occasion to a presentation of our new collection spring-summer 2016,” said CEO Lise Charmel Olivier Piquet, welcoming the Russian fans of the brand. Creating a collection for the hot season, the brand’s designers paid special attention to the artful finishing of each model, actual colors and cut, emphasizing the female figure. On show in the new boutique, Lise Charmel were presented collections of fine lingerie and fashionable swimwear. Especially for showing in the shopping center “European” arrived celebrities, including Dasha gauzer, Zhenya Malakhova, Ekaterina Klimova, Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov, Ekaterina Strizhenova, Zhanna Epple, Elena Zakharova, Olga Kabo, Natalia Medvedeva, Daria Subbotina, snezhina kulova, Daria Moroz, and many others.

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Recall that the fashion house produces several lines of lingerie: sets sensual lingerie Lise Charmel, a line in the youth design Antigel, Antinea classic feminine underwear in a minimalist style Epure, as well as sophisticated designs for women with forms Eprise de Lise Charmel. The traditional concept of the boutique, Lise Charmel and maintained in the new brand store in the capital: as before, in one place, you can find sexy lingerie, comfortable nightwear, stylish swimwear, lightweight beach clothes and bright accessories.

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