В Москве скончался актер Алексей Дайнеко

On 47 year of life has died the Russian actor Alexei Daineko, star of TV series “Karpov”, “Second..”, “Empire under attack”. On the death of the husband told his wife on his Facebook page.

В Москве скончался актер Алексей Дайнеко
“Today was not Alesha. Don’t want to believe it, unable to believe it,” she wrote. Shocked friends and followers condole with the widow and ask about what happened, but Elena’s not answering them.
Alexei himself was in the social network last June 1. Then he told everyone I broke his leg and I broke up with Lena.
“I broke my leg, broke up with Lena and I really want to start a new life…!!!)))😎💪🏾🇷🇺” — he wrote. What they have done with his wife – no one knows. Friends suspected the artist has a midlife crisis and called for a return to the family at least for the sake of his daughter.
Dayneko he graduated from GITIS in the early 90s. in addition to roles in theatre and cinema Alexey studied music.

In December last year, he was looking for a sponsor willing to invest in his musical project, but did not have time to finish the job. Eternal memory.

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