Муж Ксении Бородиной впервые показал лицо их дочери

The second daughter in the life of Ksenia Borodina was born on 22 December last year. Baby parents named him, but still did not show her face to the General public.

On all publications in social networks, which since the birth of his daughter did the leading “House-2”, the girl’s face was hidden. Many were looking forward to the moment when Ksenia will demonstrate the face of his youngest daughter. But spouse Borodina ahead of her.

In his instagram account Kurban Omarov posted a touching picture, which he captured, together with his wealth, children, little Theon, daughter Xenia Marusia and his son Omar).

Of course, this picture is still very difficult to see the youngest daughter Xenia and Kurban. However, the start is given and most likely, in the nearest future the pair will officially unveil Theon the public.

Fans of the couple, meanwhile, are glad even to such shifts. Followers Borodina and Omarova generous with the compliments and best wishes. The majority of the comments to the publications they wish a couple happiness.

“You have a very beautiful family, wish you all were together and happy. You are very worried!”, “Peace to your home. Health. Happiness”, “Well Done! Happiness!” — wrote followers.

Note, in the last few weeks in the press discussed the news of the disorder in the family Omarova-Borodina. Looking at such happy pictures, believe in the separation of the couple does not want.

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