В Киеве убит российский журналист Аркадий Бабенко He was shot at the entrance to the apartment. The incident occurred in the Dnipro district of Kyiv. Arkady Babchenko died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.
В Киеве убит российский журналист Аркадий Бабенко

Just it became known that in Kiev in Dneprovskiy district, was killed a Russian journalist, writer, columnist Arkady Babchenko. His wife, hearing the clapping in the hallway, ran out onto the landing and saw her husband in a pool of blood. She called the ambulance. According to another version, the wounded journalist was found by the neighbor.

Now on a place of state of emergency works it is investigatory-operative group.

According to preliminary information, Babchenko was shot when he almost walked into her apartment, returning with purchases from the store. The perp managed to fire three times in the back.

In the first appeal made by the Russian Council on human rights under the President. The organization intends to demand from Ukraine “thorough investigation”.

Russia’s investigative Committee promptly opened a criminal case about murder of the Russian citizen. “Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko was shot and killed on 29 may in the Ukrainian capital. In accordance with the criminal legislation of the Russia’s Investigative Committee is empowered to investigate crimes committed outside the Russian Federation in respect of Russian citizens. Over the past few years on the territory of Ukraine was already killed several Russian citizens: journalist Pavel Sheremet, the ex-MP Denis Voronenkov. The investigative Committee does not intend to ignore the brutal crimes against the citizens of Russia”, – reported on the website of IC Russia.

“Bloody crimes with total impunity have become routine for the Kiev regime. Demand from the Ukrainian authorities to make every effort to prompt investigation,” with such a stark comment was made by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

MIA, in turn, has also sbodio criminal case “under article murder.”

The latest entry in Arcadia Facebook was the publication of a very touching and yet terrible history. “Four years ago, General Kulchytsky took me on the helicopter. Because of the overload. There was no room. The overloaded chopper hard off the ground, and almost touching the chassis over the top, went on Karachun. Two hours after this photo it was a hit. Killed fourteen people. And I was lucky…”, – Babchenko this post is laid out for 9-10 hours before his death.

“Second birthday, it turns out”, – concluded the journalist.
В Киеве убит российский журналист Аркадий Бабенко

Specify that Arkady participated in the two Chechen wars. After retirement from the army in 2000 he decided to go into journalism. He worked as Fuencarral in a number of Federal publications, collaborated with major broadcasters.

At the beginning of 2017 Babchenko moved from Moscow to Prague, lived for some time in Israel. Since August of the same year, lived in the capital of Ukraine.

He is married and has a daughter. In March, Arkady turned 41.

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