Людмила Гнилова об изменах Александра Соловьева: «Печерникова будто околдовала его» The actress was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Lyudmila Vladimirovna openly talked about how he saved a famous wife from alcoholism. And he still went to another.
Людмила Гнилова об изменах Александра Соловьева: «Печерникова будто околдовала его»

Lyudmila Gnilova and Alexander Soloviev were married for 20 years. Together they raised two children – daughter Catherine from his first marriage to actress and son Michael.

Lyudmila admitted that their family was destroyed by alcohol and another woman, also an actress Irina Pechernikova. With her Solovyov met when he was treated from addiction in Feodosia.

“I was afraid he would die. There were many colleagues who have died from this. He went to Theodosia to the boarding house where the Ira… Two people of the same profession was found in a foreign land. He told me that she is a wonderful person and he wants to help her,” said the artist.
Людмила Гнилова об изменах Александра Соловьева: «Печерникова будто околдовала его»

Lyudmila Vladimirovna did not deny her husband to communicate with another woman. Thus the nightingales began to live for two families.

“I never wanted to suspect anything, trust treated. We tried to get a divorce, but he knew that without each other can not. He said that comes from the Ira as bewitched,” shared Gnilova.
Людмила Гнилова об изменах Александра Соловьева: «Печерникова будто околдовала его»

Soloviev begged Gnilova to take him from another woman. But Lyudmila decided that I will not be able to re-build a strong relationship with the ex-spouse, even today, regrets.

“I wish I never took it, but the only… I don’t know, I would live now. You see, when your loved one is bad, you several times harder and worse”, – said the artist.

In the end Gnilova and Solovyov broke up finally when their son grew up. Lyudmila added that the ex-husband tried several times to get back to her children, but she put a hard condition to get rid of alcohol addiction. But her rival Irina Pechernikova not prevented large-scale binges Alexander. Soon Soloviev married her, they lived together for three years.

Still the terrible death of Soloviev before the new 2000 year mystery. According to one version, the actor was beaten by police, on the other – he hit his head, and he was found by law enforcement and was taken to the hospital. Some days the artist spent in a coma, and then died. His body Pechernikova been looking for. Gnilova learned of the death through mutual friends.

“There were two conclusions about the causes of his death. First in the emergency room gave, it said, “acute heart failure”… And the other “traumatic brain injury”. The fact that no one could identify,” explained the actress.

Gnilova remembered that on the day when Alexander died, his son played the award show at the school, and the stage crashed a huge mirror. According to Lyudmila Vladimirovna, she immediately realized that terrible sign speaks of the death of Solovyov. Gnilova admitted that the actor wrote to her a few days before the tragic events, it was like a premonition of death.

“My heart fell to the floor. Emptiness. My son said, “It was not our dad”… You know, I read a wonderful phrase, “don’t cry that it’s over, we should smile that it was.” He left me with child. All my grandkids are crazy like him, all boys, all Solovyov with blue eyes!” – told Gnilova.