В честь Джамалы назвали сорт тюльпанов

The name of the singer Jamala in the past year have sounded with new strength after she won first place at the European music contest “Eurovision”. Europe a native of the Crimea presented the song “1914” in which he described the drama of his family during the time of persecution of the Crimean Tatars.

With this victory, Ukraine won the right to host “Eurovision-2017”. Preparation for the competition is now in full swing, and Jamal, meanwhile, continues to tour and receive dividends from their victory. One of which was a new sort of Tulip, named in honor of the singer. Grade brought the company StoKolex and a month later its to present the public at the Flower Expo Ukraine.

Says Jamal, she was extremely surprised and flattered that her favorite flower now bears her name:When the company representatives informed me that he would like to name a new variety of tulips in my name, I was surprised, says the artist. For me, this news came as a surprise. It’s very nice and touching. I love these flowers, associated with many pleasant memories of my life. As I have repeatedly said in their interviews, a certain period of time my father was engaged in the cultivation of tulips. Imagine how excited he’ll be when I hand him the bulbs, so he could plant them in our garden. For me it is a great honor!”