Лидер «Ленинграда» не считает себя музыкантом

Group “Leningrad” and its leader Sergei Shnurov are now on the wave of incredible popularity. What do these artists touches millions of listeners, their music is uplifting and positive charges.

Despite the fact that the Cords and his team create music, musicians themselves, they do not.

Sergei insists that it would be more correct to call “person-content”.

“I have no fellow musicians, I’m not a musician. I would rather people content. Changing context – changing content. Also at the “Leningrad”, — he said.

We will remind, couple of weeks ago, “Leningrad” has released a new video in which once again starred the actress Julia Topol’nitskiy.

The video was filmed for the song “kolschik” in an unusual manner: the action develops in the reverse order, from end to beginning. In the clip we see a rather unusual characters, clowns, gymnast, police and even tigers.

The clip was posted on Valentine’s Day. During the day it has already assessed more than 260 thousand users who in the comments noted that he was pleased. Many admitted that their video has attracted even more than the song.

At the moment, the clip has been viewed over 7 million times.