Во Франции арестованы подозреваемые в ограблении Ким Кардашьян

French police have detained several possible members of the Paris robbery of Kim Kardashian. The investigation is ongoing.

As reported by Europe 1, on the morning of 9 January the French police in several parts of the country have detained 17 people suspected in the robbery of Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian), which occurred three months ago in Paris.

According to other media reports, the number of detainees varies from 15 to 16 people. Some of the detainees are well known to police because of past crimes. The search for evidence is carried out but the police have found in detainees of a large sum of money amounting to several tens of thousands of euros, which may be the proceeds of resale of the loot.

The French newspaper Le Monde, also found that one of the suspects is a chauffeur service limousine, where the family Kardashian-Jenner regularly uses during his visits to Paris. On the day of the robbery, the driver drove Kardashian to her apartment.

The publication added that one of the five robbers managed to be identified thanks to DNA left on the duct tape that sealed her mouth American television stars. Three of the detainees were women. Another participant in the crime believe the 72-year-old man, and two people were detained in Antwerp, Belgium. The period of detention up to 96 hours, during which the search will be conducted evidence.

Lawyer Kim Kardashian in France, Jean veil (Jean Veil), said that his client is satisfied with the performance of the police.

October 2, 2016, several armed people broke into the apartment of Kim Kardashian in Paris. They were holding a star hostage and stole jewelry worth about $10 million, including a ring worth $4 million.

About the robbery Kardashian spoke for the first time in the promo of the new edition of the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “They were going to shoot me in the back —says Kim. — There was no way out. It is hard for me to think about it.”