Became known the cause of the crash of Tu-154

Стала известна причина крушения Ту-154 About two weeks left to the experts of the Ministry of defense found out why the airliner flying 25 Dec from Sochi in Syria, crashed. After the analysis of the black boxes was published the main version of the incident.

      Стала известна причина крушения Ту-154

      Ministry of defence experts have carefully studied the two black boxes to establish the true cause of the plane crash Tu-154, carrying out flight from Sochi in Syria, on December 25. According to experts, the main version of the tragedy can be considered the error of one of the pilots.

      According to employees of the research center operation and maintenance of aircraft, defense, data recorders showed that in the third minute of the flight worked urgently sensors of the system of exchange rate stability. This suggests that the airliner had problems with the flaps. We will remind that earlier in the Network appeared the last words of the pilots of the aircraft. On the recording I could hear that they were discussing the failure of this part of the aircraft. Published the last words of the pilots of the Tu-154

      According to journalists, the experts pointed out that the 33-year-old second pilot Oleksandr Rivne, presumably, removed the flaps instead of the chassis. However, the main report on the tragedy while that was not provided.

      “The plane went beyond the angle of attack, the crew tried to deploy a car to make it to land, but that was not in time”, – said a source familiar with the situation.

      Besides, the plane was overloaded, so the tail of the liner pulled down. According to other workers in the aviation industry, the captain of the aircraft did not have enough experience to land the plane. “Most likely, nor the commander of the aircraft the novel wolves or the co-pilot Alexander Rovno, graduated from the military schools at the beginning of zero years, has not been flight training,” said one of the experts.

      As reported at the side panel of the Tu-154 is very close levers, landing gear and wing flaps, so the second pilot could make a mistake.

      Users of social networks are actively discussing the information. “Even the man who once in my life been to the airport knows that the chassis is removed in the first seconds of the flight, not when the plane flew and climbed to 450 meters”, “What symbolic and scary story. We are all passengers of that plane. Long time retiring and managed “hell one” – so reacted to the Internet on the prospective version of the crash.

      Recall that the crash of Tu-154 of the Ministry of defense took place on 25 December 2016 early in the morning. The plane was heading to the base Hamim with a humanitarian mission. On Board were 92 people. They all died. The tragedy claimed the lives of dancers of the Alexandrov ensemble, the military, journalists of the three channels and the head of the charity Fund “Fair aid” Elizabeth Glinka. “Dr. Lisa too had moments of weakness”: a close about Elizabeth Glinka