В скандальной истории с наследством Шер открылись новые факты The singer denies that is dying. But why be in a hurry to personally distribute the inheritance between relatives. Children of the actress fear that most of the money will go to friend of their mother.

      В скандальной истории с наследством Шер открылись новые факты

      Noting in mid-may, the 70th anniversary, the singer began to quietly rewrite the house belonging to her family members. Her sister Georgianna became the absolute mistress of the mansion worth $2 million in Malibu, and the four-bedroom house in Beverly hills, bought for the same amount two-and-a-half years ago, became the property of the youngest son Elijah blue Allman.

      For anybody in Hollywood is no secret that cher doesn’t get along with his son – the last time they had a big fight in March of this year. An unexpected generous gift again raised the question about the true condition of the star.

      Cher unveiled the will

      “Cher knows that her days are numbered, – said a source close to the owner “Oscar”. – She wants to keep quarrels in the past and personally see to close anything not needed after her death”.


      Speculation about the imminent death of Sher began in December after the publication of the famous tabloid. The article said that chronic Epstein – Barr is a form of herpes, picked up by the singer in 80-ies of the last century – finally crippled her immune system. The year before, cher couldn’t finish the tour because of throat inflammation and chronic fatigue caused by an incurable disease.

      В скандальной истории с наследством Шер открылись новые факты

      “It’s a physical illness is often accompanied by depression,” said the star. I’ve been sick for a long time. When I first told doctors in the US about their problems, they’d consider me insecure a dreamer, because I didn’t know about the existence of this disease. But the constant poor health and weakened immune system was not fantasy, for three years I could not work and made on a blank spot of pneumonia, which almost died! I had to go to the doctors in Germany, but the trouble is that even there they only treated the symptoms. The virus stays inside and sucks the life out of the patient’s life.”

      American medical experts continued to insist that cher overly dramatic. Herpes is a very common disease, which in one form or another is suffering the majority of the population of the globe. With proper medical control, it is not life threatening, although it is complicated. However, the combination of virus with a very Mature age and hypochondria, to which cher is really inclined, could convince the singer that her life is long. Another thing is that she didn’t want to make problems for the public. After the release of a series of articles about her “suicide” plans cher the younger son accused of deliberately spreading ugly “rumors”.

      “I am convinced that someone configures Elijah against me,” said the singer. Is part of a plot for my destruction.”

      HOME WAR

      В скандальной истории с наследством Шер открылись новые факты

      39-year-old artist Elijah blue Allman has always said that he admires the famous mother, but their relationship is difficult to call peace. Two and a half years ago, he and his wife Angie moved to live in the main residence of cher’s mansion for $45 million in Malibu. Family idyll did not work, after a few months, Elijah has escaped from maternal blood.

      “We got a lot of unresolved issues,” he says. The mother was not involved in my upbringing, at the age of seven was sent to boarding school. It hurt me to feel like a burden, I rebelled. On vacation strolling with friends in Hollywood and got into trouble. For eleven years, knew all the places where you can buy drugs. Now I’m not a heavy teen, and a grown man ready to forgive the mother for neglecting and move on. But this does not mean that I suddenly began to think of her then the behavior is right or normal”.

      Cher tried to get close to Elijah after many years of alienation not just. In 2013, she had almost ceased to communicate with the eldest son Chaz Bono who was born a woman and in 2008 she underwent a sex-change operation. Although publicly cher and caught him, and tried to adapt to the situation, it was too hard to accept change.

      “She was dreaming about a Flirty girl who would secretly borrowed dresses from her wardrobe, but I never was,” says 47-year-old Chaz, who received from Sher documents on a house worth $1.7 million in West Hollywood. – I admit that I hurt her, did not meet expectations, so I don’t have to claim it”.

      В скандальной истории с наследством Шер открылись новые факты

      Cher for a long time refused to see him after surgery for fear that does not know your child. And even asked Chaz to leave his female recorded voice greeting on the answering machine to continue to call her daughter, not inexplicable son. Personal communication it was decided to put “on pause”, so the issue of information leakage Chaz was beyond suspicion.


      Whoever “anonymous source”, it is easy to guess that it was a concern that the cher, or potential successors will suffer from the machinations of her nearest friend Paulette Howell.

      “She washed the Sher brain,” wrote the tabloid. Singer bewitched, trusted friend unlimited. And that makes her drink strength tablets handfuls. Cher lives in a fog, she doesn’t even know what it takes.”

      However, the article contains a clear allusion to the identity of the informant. Who does not like Elijah with his long history of drug dependence could the eye to determine that cher is under the influence of mind-altering drugs? Cher clearly had with the son of the conversation because Elijah again made contact with reporters. This time he said he believes Paulette “aunt” and does not believe in its ability or intention to cause his mother harm.

      Nevertheless, Sher has decided to implement the troubled sons of a separate housing and its immediate environment has restricted an indispensable Paulette and 89-year-old mother Georgia Holt, which took him from the hospital last December. But this does not mean that Chaz and Elijah be satisfied with such a minor part of the inheritance and allow the rest of the $305 million to float away in the pocket of Paulette. Even if cher is not so close to death as everyone thinks, she definitely ensured their attention close to the end of his days.

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