Ekaterina Volkova is difficult to find a common language with my daughter

Екатерине Волковой трудно находить общий язык с дочкой The actress and her five-year-old heir to not talk. Ekaterina Volkova admitted that little Lisa they quarreled because of household disagreements. Fans of stars of the TV series “Voronin” urge her not to get upset, saying that such situations occur in every family.

      Екатерине Волковой трудно находить общий язык с дочкой

      Actress Ekaterina Volkova, who became popular thanks to his participation in the TV series “Voroniny”, where she played the mother of many children, faced with the difficulties of growing up of his daughter, five year old Lisa. Apparently, the girl knows how to insist on and get mom what she needs, demonstrating your character.

      In the microblog Ekaterina Volkova published a picture, on which her successor something passionately considers in phone. The mother looks very sad.

      “Don’t speak. Domestic disagreements” – signed picture actress, intrigued its users.

      Those immediately suggested that perhaps mother and daughter posing, but Catherine in the comments made it clear that this picture was not staged, but very real. However, to explain what is, in fact, the case star “Voronin” while time is not found. The questions followers of the actress on the topic of the causes of her quarrel with Elizabeth Ekaterina Volkova left unanswered.

      However, fans of the silence of the stars is not offended, and began to support it, saying that such a situation as her daughter, occasionally happen in their families.

      “Offended… But I think for a while”, “Katya, this is everyone’s daughters, sons with their mothers”, “Oh, God, how I know this!”, “Actress and daughter of actress. Characters!”, “Make up, don’t worry, my daughter like you”, – such comments leave users under the post Ekaterina Volkova.

      It should be noted that, in General, Lisa is growing extremely friendly and sociable child. The girl childhood surrounded by love and attention, but because all the family pictures it is easy to see her literally radiant. The daughter of actress Ekaterina Volkova and her husband, dancer Andrey Karpov tenderness subscribers Volkova in social networks, which often make compliments to girls. Husband of Catherine Volkova does not give her baby the daughter

      Star mom often indulges only daughter, Sadasiva her toys. Catherine spared no expense on the Elizabeth, while her husband tries to stop it. Andrey Karpov believes that children should not be so spoiled and accustom the wife to the idea that their daughter should appreciate the parents ‘ attention.

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