Ilya Yabbarov publicly confessed his love to Diana Shurygina

Илья Яббаров публично признался в любви Диане Шурыгиной Ex-member of telestroke talking about feelings for the native of Ulyanovsk. In recognition of Elijah Jabbarova, he sincerely admired Diana Shurygina. The publication men in which he stood up for her, has provoked a lively debate in social networks.
Илья Яббаров публично признался в любви Диане Шурыгиной

31-year-old controversial ex-participant of “House-2” Ilya Yabbarov never ceases to surprise the public with unexpected statements. Recently a man reported that he had feelings for the 18-year-old Diana Shurygina, which became known throughout the country after the ether transfer “Let speak”.

In the microblog star telestroke appeared in the controversial post in which he spoke about love for the native of Ulyanovsk. In recognition Jabbarova, he is fascinated by Shurygino and experiencing feelings for her. In addition, Ilya has supported Diane in the fight against ill-wishers.

“Honey, you are the most beautiful and smart girl. You’re an example for many in life. You are loved by the whole country, believe me. You can always count on my support. And let the evil enemies to drown in the shit, idiots. Love you” – shared Yabbarov.

The man also shared a poem found on the Internet. It contains the following lines:

I like your eyes
And hands in the world, no beautiful!
I’m afraid your beauty,
There is a world of dangerous beauty!

Hair love your streams,
Love the playful Shine in the sun!
And your beauty’s rays,
Let them Shine in different Windows!

Publication Jabbarova has caused mixed reactions in the Network. The part of the followers of Elijah expressed his dissatisfaction with his statement and accused the ex-member of telestroke the desire to be promoted at the expense of Diana. “Completely cuckoo?”, “After eight years, we will wait”, “Again Shurygina”, “Horror”, “Raises their ratings”, “Look as if you are not planted”, “Think write”, “You’re both on the bottom”, “do Not disappoint me, please”, “my daughter,” was discussed in the comments to the post man.

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At the same time, other subscribers Ilya came to the conclusion that he was joking. “So we believe, She knows that she has such a fan?”, “Are you serious?”, “Love is a wonderful feeling. Congratulations once again”, “Yabbarov, you never cease to amaze,” was discussed by users of social networks.

Some followers men recalled the recent story when he said that his girlfriend is preparing to become a mother. However, after some time Yabbarov reported that the girl lost the baby. Ilya also argued that plans to legalize the relationship with the beloved. Subscribers of the former members of telestroke we can only guess how true his previous loud statement.