Илья Яббаров начал платить алименты после скандала The star of “House-2” has allocated the child a few tens of thousands rubles. The relevant document is at the disposal of judicial officers in Saratov region. Previously Ilya Yabbarov, which for a long time did not help financial ex-wife, has limited the right to departure from the country.
Илья Яббаров начал платить алименты после скандала

32-year-old star of the TV project “Dom-2” Ilya Yabbarov started to allocate maintenance for daughter Vladislava. Only member of the reality show had about 150 thousand rubles, of which he paid half. About it have told in a press-service of management of Federal service of bailiffs across the Saratov region.

It is reported that the document confirming payment in the amount 78500 rubles, in the Factory district Department of bailiffs gave the mother Jabbarova. According to the woman, Ilya plans to repay debt in the near future.

Previously, the officers sent an official letter to TNT, where requested to provide information on income Jabbarova during the period of his participation in the “House-2”. Representatives of the TV company, familiarized with the treatment of UFSSP in the region and explained, was signed whether Ilya employment contract.

“According to the response received, currently, the debtor is not employed there, “nevertheless, the possibility of concluding in the near future the agreement of civil nature with a specified person by the Society [of JSC “TNT-Teleset”] considered.” If this happens, the decision about collecting of the alimony payments will be sent to the location of the debtor”, – said the press service of the Executive authority.

In early February of this year, the bailiffs declared wanted by Ilya Yabbarov registered on the territory of Saratov region. Then party telestroke described as “malicious defaulter of the alimony”. Representatives of the Federal bailiff service in the region noted that in respect of Jabbarova “repeatedly apply all measures provided by law enforcement”, but the man still evaded responsibility and have allocated funds to the maintenance of minor daughter.

Mother Vladislava Ilya Yabbarov broke up over six years ago. Over a long period of time, the man was not involved in the upbringing of the child. In October last year, Elijah wrote a letter to his daughter, asking her forgiveness. The message of the participant of the reality show appeared in one of the magazines. Yabbarov noted that still remembers the moment when he became a father. In the first months after birth Vladislava Ilya tried to show himself as a caring parent.

Ilya Yabbarov publicly apologized to the daughter

Says Yabbarov, he broke up with the mother of the child due to the fact that it was the circumstances. Star telestroke don’t mind starting to chat with Vladislava, if she wants to see him.