Егор Холявин о своем бесплодии: «Я в шоке от диагноза» Former member of “House-2” told about the results of the tests. Egor Holyavin dreams of the perfect appearance. For this he has already made more than 10 plastic surgeries. Now, however, the body crashes, and a man has to undergo treatment to overcome the effects of surgery.
Егор Холявин о своем бесплодии: «Я в шоке от диагноза»

A year and a half ago, former participant of “house-2” Egor Holyavin made a tough decision – thanks to modern medicine he had intended to radically change the appearance and become the first Russian Ken. Now the 30-year-old man 13 plastic surgeries. However, his body can barely withstand such tests. In pursuit of the perfect face and body, he runs the risk of losing health. Not so long ago, doctors sounded the alarm – Egor could face infertility.

“It’s the effects of anesthesia due to the large number of operations. I really want kids! For me it was a shock to hear from the doctor that is suspected to infertility. He said if I will not engage them and to be treated, it will be my diagnosis. Now doctors prescribe treatment after three months will see whether it has improved the condition,” said Halavin “StarHit”.

Just a few months ago Yegor was glad that he found a toned body. Even while participating in the famous telestroke he suffered from excess weight. He is now re-gained 25 pounds. The man believes that the body tries to return to the previous form. This fact is very upsetting Yegor, who wants to look perfect.

“Hard to comprehend and understand. I wasn’t even eating junk food. After the operation was the result, I was happy. But as it healed I began to relax. Everything I ate went to fat, – says the man. – And it happened very quickly – within a few months. It is psychologically very hard.”

Egor admitted that the last time due to the extra weight it covered the depression. He spent all his time at home, didn’t want to talk to anyone. The victim plastics Egor Holyavin: “I was rescued”

“Now I need to restore the body and normalize hormones. The results are bad. When I got the score, I would think that I’m a 40 year old fat woman, testosterone was low, the functionality of the body is disrupted. After surgery, we think that everything is fine. My mom supports me in reincarnation, she found the words that I came out of depression and took himself in hand,” says Halavin.

Despite the fact that now Greg has some health problems, he’s not going to deviate from the intended target. A man prepares for further operations and I am sure that you will be able to find the appearance of your dreams. Halavin sports to get rid of excess weight.

“Don’t blame the doctors, just yourself is I can’t handle. Not saying stop operations. But I have a goal to strengthen the muscular frame. In sports with a coach, he made me a meal plan, monitors the loads. Sometimes I am lazy, then he comes home to me. The coach even more interested in my results than I myself! I have no way back. I came to a realization that I made the biggest mistake – thinking that everything is cool and stopped,” – said Yegor.