Илья Яббаров объявил, что снова станет отцом Ex-member of telestroke surprised fans with the sudden news. Ilya Yabbarov reported that his soulmate is in an interesting position. The publication men has provoked debate online. Some subscribers Jabbarova found that he decided to make a joke.

Former participant reality show “House-2” Ilya Yabbarov surprised followers with an unexpected announcement. The man told that will soon become a father. On his page in Instagram Yabbarov shared a video that demonstrates the picture of a positive pregnancy test.

The soundtrack to the publication of Elijah was the song in the genre of chanson – the song “Thank you” performed by Alex Bryantsev. In addition, Ilya has written a status that has left many Internet users wondering.

“What can I say. “Favorite”, thank you. Did not expect that so fast. Two hearts joined together!” noted star electroni.

Some fans Jabbarova decided that its publication was a hoax. They made this conclusion on the basis of tags “humor”, “jokes” and “jokes” that the man was accompanied by his post. According to some followers of Elijah, he downloaded a test image from the web.

Journalists contacted the former participant of reality show of channel TNT, who said that he was really ready to be a father again. According to Ilya Yabbarov, his significant other is in an interesting position, but the term is still very small. During the conversation with reporters the man also hinted that he and wife decided to resort to IVF.

“My favorite pregnant. I am madly glad to this event! However, in the first weeks the fetus is very weak, so now my girlfriend was prescribed medication. Caught on embryo or not, will be known only at the end of the week,” said the man.

About the darling Ilya Yabbarov not much is known. Not so long ago the star of telestroke published in social networks few pictures of the joint with a charming blonde. Internet users believe that the young people look great together. “Say, if you like, then, a great couple” “You are dearer began to look with her… on a good Face”, “Found love”, “just like two drops of water”, the “Visual approach” “Happy,” – wrote members Jabbarova.

Says the flamboyant showman, in the future he intends to marry the soulmate. “We will definitely register relationship,” said Yabbarov. As for the wedding, two lovers have not thought about it.

While talking to journalists, ex-member of telestroke also said that if he had a daughter, it will call Milan. “But the name of the son will give my future wife”, – quotes Jabbarova the official account of the magazine the reality show “Dom-2” on Instagram.