Boyfriend Alena Vodonaevoy took her to the registry office

Бойфренд Алены Водонаевой отвел ее в загс The presenter has intrigued fans short videoroliki taken in the Palace of weddings in St. Petersburg. Vodonaeva and her beloved man decided to register the relationship.
Бойфренд Алены Водонаевой отвел ее в загс

TV presenter RU.TV Alain Vodonaeva and her boyfriend Alex Cosine intrigued subscribers of the microblogging staff, which they put in the “stories”. Ex-participant reality show showed photos and short videos, filmed at the Palace of weddings in St. Petersburg. The followers of a celebrity suggested that she plans to formalize the relationship with the man that comes for about three months. Elect Alena Vodonaevoy is preparing for a new stage in relations

In one of the shots it is visible as the pair submits the application. Alena shot a video with passports. Alena later posted a picture from the institution. Fans started to congratulate the star with the upcoming event. “The date on which the statement was filed?”, “Congratulations! When’s the wedding?”, “In September, we decided to do a wedding?” – users are interested in microblogging.

However, Alain is trying not to comment on the events of his personal life, but only shares a selfie and beautiful shots with her lover of the fascinating journeys.

“I caught myself on the thought that if before all I wanted to photograph, now you want to remember, – wrote Vodonaeva. – Yes, and to be completely honest, almost all the photographs I’m not alone, and “Instagram” is no longer a site where I want to show my personal life. The life that I want to keep. Anyway, until autumn, I won’t show and won’t say anything. And then…” – signed Vodonaeva one of the photos with the Cosine.
Бойфренд Алены Водонаевой отвел ее в загс

Some time ago the leader of the group Zeskullz has intrigued fans, put it to the Network, the signature to which he left a smiley face ring. However, the man closed the comments to this post to avoid unnecessary gossip.

Judging by the updates in Instagram Alena, Alex is very nice and cares for her: gives huge bouquets of roses and happy surprises. Birthday Vodonaevoy couple went abroad. The presenter was happy to spend a few days in Rome with my beloved man.

Бойфренд Алены Водонаевой отвел ее в загс

Friends of the pair claim that Alena and Alex was familiar a few years before they started a romantic relationship.

“Happy for them. Cool, when the partner is not just your lover but also my friend”, – told in their environment.