Ilya Glinnikov found themselves in a difficult situation

Илья Глинников попал в непростую ситуацию
After graduating from the reality show “the Bachelor” fans are watching with interest the continuation of the relationship between actor Elijah Glinnikov and the winner of the project of Ekaterina Nikulina.

Илья Глинников попал в непростую ситуацию

Some time ago, the young people even gave myself a first joint vacation in Mauritius.

Илья Глинников попал в непростую ситуацию

On the same day the couple first came to light, visiting the wedding of hockey player Andrey Makarov. The ceremony was also attended by another girl, who fought for the heart of Elijah. Lesya Ryabtseva almost reached the final of the project and openly declared her feelings for the actor.

But the meeting of two brides Elijah was peaceful, and they even managed to have a conversation. Apparently, Les has managed to build a relationship with a young man, which appeared at the wedding.

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