Дочь Тимати подверглась жесткой критике The mother of a famous rapper Simona Yunusova told that three year old Alice has condemned the inability to move well to the music. Star grandmother believes that such comments from her subscribers can injure the child’s mind, which at the beginning of the creative journey.

Timothy has never concealed that he was proud of her daughter. The artist often puts a joint photo with the girl in Instagram, talks about her achievements and Hobbies. However, most of the time three-year-old Alice spends with his star parents, and grandmother.

Simon Yunus often talks about how education about the problems faced by star heiress. However, this time the grandmother decided to speak out about the criticism addressed to her granddaughter. According to mother of Timothy, Alice constantly condemn for lack of dance talent.

“Dear connoisseurs of art! Because of these reviews, the child bounces any desire to do anything! The man who two years ago learned to walk, can not purely to play the melody( if not genius), consistently move to the beat. I hope none of you say bad about speaking child, “word of art” – it’s not his,” wrote Simona Yunusova on Instagram.

Three-year-old Alice really recently attends ballet class. Your angry post star grandma’s accompanied by a funny video in which a girl tries to dance, but he can’t catch the tune. The heiress Timothy was the smallest in the group, but that did not stop her to reach the center of the circle and show some moves.

Subscribers Simona Yunusova supported it, noting that it is impossible to judge the talent of a child at such a young age. “If you want, she will learn to move to the beat”, “the video that with a girl do good teachers, she’s really good at dancing for her age”, “pay No attention to criticism! Those who have aspiration often condemn,” wrote admirers of little Alice.

Star grandmother admitted that she herself is sometimes funny to look at the performances of a granddaughter, but she tries to hold back the emotions. Alice grows real a Tomboy, but a girl is interested in ballet, and the teachers claim that the successor to Timothy there is potential in this area.

Baby dancing almost every day, because Simona Yunusova sure to stress should be used from an early age. “Overcoming it is better to learn from childhood until need motivation! Quietly produces character, and trains will,” says the star’s grandmother.