Ilya Glinnikov escaped from a party of “the Bachelor” in Malaysia

Илья Глинников сбежал с участницей «Холостяка» в Малайзию Daria Klyukina made an impression on the actor. Within the romantic show man arranged a surprise for the girl, who struck her to the core. The model is even beginning to doubt his friendly feelings to Elijah.

      Илья Глинников сбежал с участницей «Холостяка» в Малайзию

      In the fifth season of the show “the Bachelor” was one of the brightest dates in the history of the project. Ilya Glinnikov and one of the participants, 23-year-old model Daria Klyukina went to the island of Sri Lanka in another country.

      From the very beginning of the project, the girl impressed the star of “Interns” with their spontaneity and charm. Going on a project, Klyukina was very worried that it will not take, because from childhood she stutters. However, this feature of the girls did not stop her to be among the candidates for the heart of the bachelor.

      The actor took the girl with ceremony of roses and invited her on an exciting journey to Malaysia. He handed her an envelope which contained a plane ticket.

      “At first I did not understand either that’s my ticket home, or a date,” said Daria.

      Ilya Glinnikov admitted that he decided to test how friendly relations were established between them. The girl was happy and shocked by this surprise. The man felt that for too long have postponed the moment.

      Ilya and Dasha arrived in Kuala Lumpur. At the outlet from the airport they were met by a chic white convertible. The actor has thought through every moment. During the meeting the project participants have enjoyed the fantastic view exotic destinations from the helicopter and made a feast of soap bubbles. Throughout the day Glinnikov compliments Lukinoj, trying to make it clear that she cares about him. The evening ended with a romantic dinner.

      By the way, before this, there were moments when Elijah hinted to Dasha that she loved him. However, the girl did not respond to his attentions.

      Participant of “the Bachelor,” Daria Klyukina: “Elijah promised without vulgarity”

      “In the beginning of our acquaintance there was even a romantic moment: Ilya gave me his phone in the plane when we flew to Sri Lanka to listen to music. At one point I went to him for a phone charger, but saw that he already goes forward and brings it to me. Yes, a lot of different points there. Ilya is very sensitive to me,” said Klyukina “StarHit”.

      What he was talking about Dasha and Ilya on a date, you will learn in the new issue of “the Bachelor,” which will be released at 21:30 on Saturday on channel TNT.