Илью Глинникова поздравили со свадьбой
The actor fueled rumors of a secret marriage with the model Ekaterina Nikulina.

Glinnikov Ilya and Ekaterina Nikulina

Photo: @Instagram glinnikov1st Ilya Glinnikov

Fans suspect that Glinnikov Ilya and Ekaterina Nikulina played a secret wedding. On the eve of the social networks appeared a photo on which the actor, famous for role in the TV series “Interns”, was imprinted with a ring on the ring finger of the right hand.

Immediately after the completion of the TV show “the Bachelor” Ilya and Ekaterina began to live together, thus proving that it is indeed possible to meet his love. They were told that they would soon get married and do it like in Georgia, where Ilya has relatives on his father’s side. Not so long ago, by the way, during a joint vacation in the Northern Mariana Islands on the hand of Catherine appeared engagement ring.

By the way, Ilya openly admitted that he did not want to lavishly celebrate their impending wedding. The fact that due to my profession it often happens at such celebrations in your wedding, you would not want to be back at “work”. So he planned to celebrate in a quiet family circle, that, probably did, judging by the latest published snapshot of the Network.