Ilana St. George is rapidly losing weight

Илана Юрьева стремительно худеет
The star of “Ural dumplings” Ilana St. George is happily married and has two adorable children.

Илана Юрьева стремительно худеет

After the birth of Ilana hard fought with excess weight, and finally she was able to get rid of 20 extra pounds. Now it is practically not know.

Илана Юрьева стремительно худеет

“After giving birth I had all the signs of depression on a background of dissatisfaction. The fact is that during pregnancy with no restrictions, I ate everything heart desires: bread, cookies, and chocolate. Feel calm and peaceful. When he came to the restaurant, said: “I hurry up the bread basket and maslichko,” – says St. George.

According to the young mother, her husband very supportive, but still dissatisfaction forced to take himself in hand.

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