Igor Nikolaev showed the family idyll

Игорь Николаев продемонстрировал семейную идиллию The famous singer has posted touching photos with daughter. Igor Nikolaev on 8 October became a father for the second time. The artist loves the baby and tries all the free time to spend with the little Veronica.

      Игорь Николаев продемонстрировал семейную идиллию

      8 October last year, the popular singer Igor Nikolaev became a father for the second time. His wife Julia Proskuryakova gave the artist the long-awaited daughter. The girl’s parents decided to call Veronica. After the baby life of the spouses is completely changed. Now they have all the free time strive to be close to seven-month-old daughter. Igor Nikolaev doted in his heiress and shares with the fans the happy moments spent with a child.

      “Well, the family reunion! Not enough oldest!” – said the artist in the microblog.

      Fans admire idyllic family of musicians and has repeatedly said that the small daughter did Igor Nikolaev very touching dad.

      “How lucky you are. Let your house will always be happiness and peace. And less you to be separated, and if separated for a short while”, “How nice to see you all together! Such smiling and happy,” “Thank you for share your photo moments of happiness and filled with positivity! Happy for you, such beautiful and wonderful, always nice,” admired the subscribers of the artist.

      After the appearance of the child in the family of Nikolaev is worried about what will grow Veronica. He believes that the most important thing in the upbringing of the heir is a personal example of parents. “Dad will be arrogant and narcissistic, the same will grow and the child. In General, the older girl completely self-sufficient. I hope that Junior would not be susceptible to any bad influences,” the actor mused. Moreover, he is afraid that the girl will be spoiled. Not so long ago admitted that he would like Veronica when I grow up, spoiled him.

      Julia Proskuryakova noticed dramatic changes that have occurred with her husband after the birth of the child.

      “Undoubtedly, Igor feels a surge of strength, inspiration. He had hurried home, and now flies as on the wings, every moment trying to be around the baby and helpful to me. We do things together! Of course, dad, we have in some sense experienced moms, because for many years he the father of a wonderful daughter Julia. So often recalls how her little nursed, bathed, clothed. About the diapers if no one heard, it was much more difficult – in my eyes he is not a novice, and I listen to his opinion!” – said Proskuryakov “StarHit”.

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