Игорь Николаев переживает за будущее дочери Singer and composer said that the girl is open to the world and people. 10 months ago Igor Nikolaev became a father for the second time. Birthday little Veronica, he decided to speculate what might face the heiress in life.

      10 months ago the wife of popular singer and composer Igor Nikolaev Julia Proskuryakova presented him with a lovely daughter Veronica. Now the parents try to do everything to create the girl the greatest comfort and to give a happy childhood. Despite the fact that the heiress is still quite small, Igor Nikolaev seriously thinking about the difficulties, perhaps the little girl will face in life. The daughter of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova is taking its first steps

      “There’s still time to congratulate our sweet Veronika 10 months of life on this sinful, but such an interesting and unpredictable planet! While she likes it, it is open to the world and people! And people?.. Let’s wait and see” – written as a congratulations, the famous singer and composer and has published a touching photo with wife and daughter.

      Fans are watching with interest the growing little Veronica. Each publication parents and the baby collects numerous “likes”. Fans couldn’t ignore the birthday girl and also rushed to wish her all the best.

      “Happy birthday doll. God grant that life and people she smiled as sincerely as she did it!”, “And we congratulate! May she be healthy and happy. And let it in this life there are good and decent people. And let her continue like everything in this life! I congratulate you on the 10 months of your Princess”, “You are surprisingly harmonious family! I look at the picture and realize that together all the puzzles is a wonderful mother, protector, daddy, and your reward – your daughter! Even and wish nothing more, except that only health!” – wrote fans.

      Nikolaev admits that he likes his heir, and willing to do anything to secure life daughter. Well-known composer even gave up summer vacation to his family in no way needed. Instead of spending the summer months together with Julia and Veronica, he is forced to travel on tours and performances.

      “Frankly, afraid to grow up a spoiled child, – says Nikolaev. – I am convinced that, in addition to personal example, nothing works. Dad will be arrogant and conceited, the same will grow and the child. In General, the older girl completely self-sufficient. I hope Junior will not give any bad influences.”

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